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Alabaster, AL 35007
Phone: 205-685-9883
Fax: 205-685-9001
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Klassy Klean Residential Cleaning Service

  • Has won Best Cleaning Company of Alabaster, Alabama for the last two years awarded by the US Commerce Association.
  • Implements training guidelines approved by the ARCSI (association of residential cleaning services international) for all cleaning technicians.
  • All cleaning technicians are subject to criminal background checks and drug screenings.
  • Fully insured with $1,000,000 of liability and workmans comp insurance.
  • Guarantee 24hr. customer satisfaction.
  • Customized Cleaning to fit your needs.

Klassy Klean has been providing courteous and professional residential cleaning services since 1999. We all know that proper cleaning of our home takes time.“Time” is the one commodity busy people just don’t seem to have enough of these days. For many upwardly mobile and dual income families today, the home we’ve worked so hard to obtain is a time-consuming chore to maintain. Klassy Klean can give you more time to do those things you need to do or would rather be doing, instead of spending endless hours on mundane housework.

When the Klassy Klean service staff arrives at your home, they will perform the following:

General Cleaning
Dust, polish or wipe all furnishings, baseboards, window sills, shelves, and ledges.
Vacuum carpets and furniture.
Wet mop bare floors.
And more!

Clean sink, counter tops, outside of cupboards and drawer fronts, refrigerator, stove, other appliances and floor.

Clean and disinfect tub, showers, toilets, and floor. Clean and polish sinks, fixtures, vanities and mirrors.

Klassy Klean also offers, “Extra Tasks”. These services include: Windows, ovens, refrigerators, patios and decks, moving day cleanups, spring and fall cleanings.

NOTE: All employees are subject to drug testing and a police background check prior to employment.